My Two Front Teeth is partnering with the Family Giving Tree
to fulfill children's wishes this year.
We have thousands of children waiting to be sponsored.
Please visit our gallery to see the children's wishes.

It only takes five minutes to help brighten the
holidays for one of these kids, and most toys are
priced under $25. Using a major credit card, you
fulfill the wish and we take care of the rest --
toy purchase, wrapping and delivery by Christmas.
We even email you a tax-deductible donation receipt!

It couldn't be easier -- just click below!

In 2003, ABC7 News did a fantastic piece on and our partnership with The Family Giving Tree.� If you've ever wanted a peek behind the scenes to see how all of these presents find their way to the children, click the icon below!� You can also read all about our current efforts in the News section, and check out these pictures in our Photo Gallery.

Founded in 1999 and named after the carol, "All I Want for Christmas," is is a nonprofit provider of online services which bring personalization, efficiency and simplicity to the charitable gift-giving efforts of community organizations throughout the country. We enable dozens of charities, daycares, and preschools to accept toy sponsorships online, thereby helping to brighten the holidays for thousands of underprivileged children.� To learn more about our vision, mission, and values, visit the About Us section!

Comments?� Questions?� Anything we can do to help?� Email us at:�

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