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Vision's vision is to reduce the pain of poverty and help strengthen the bonds of society by bringing simplicity, efficiency, and personalization to the charitable gift-giving process, encouraging everyone to experience the incredible power and joy of giving. 

Mission's mission is to be the premier online solution provider that empowers nonprofit organizations to build simple, efficient and personalized gift-giving offerings. 

Values's guiding values are:

  1. We are passionate about the power and joy of giving. We believe it strengthens the fabric of society.
  2. We promote our efforts through the power of feeling good, not the burden of feeling guilty. 
  3. We seek to increase the simplicity and efficiency of the charitable gift-giving process through the use of the internet and technology. 
  4. We believe in making the charitable gift-giving experience more personal. 
  5. We strive for excellence in all that we do, knowing we have accountability to our organizations, donors, and recipients. is proud to help ease the pain of poverty during a time of year when it is most acute. We realize that providing presents for children will brighten the holiday, it is not likely to produce long-term relief. 

But, our efforts do not stop at the arrival of the gift. Because we are a highly efficient, completely self-sustaining operation we are able to donate a significant portion of the price of each gift to our affiliate community organizations at the end of each holiday season.  Through these means, we also donate thousands of dollars to poverty-prevention and relief.


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